Day 5: Fabric, fabric and more fabric!

We spent half the day at the sewing space and continued training with four of our five tailors. They are getting up to speed and doing careful work. I find myself being a real stickler about quality control. I want to be sure that I leave here with each woman knowing how to do beautiful work. We are certainly making progress.  I’m feeling pleased.

 Driving around this city is pretty exciting. All the cars jostle for position with seemingly no care about lanes or shoulders. It’s a bit daunting for Americans who are used to drivers, more or less, obeying the rules. All these drivers communicate by honking so the sound is amazing. Most of the time I find it exciting and fun to watch all the people coming and going around the vehicles but sometimes I close my eyes and just can’t look. I do love seeing all the cows sitting wherever they want with cars carefully driving around them.

Later in the afternoon we went fabric shopping to find just the right materials for MoonCatcher kits made in India. We found the most beautiful 100 percent cotton block prints in glorious colors. We decided on all red prints for the carriers and lots of bright colors for the drawstring bags. I got a few pieces to bring home as well, for people who like to buy fabrics from our MoonBee sales.

Day5 Fabric & Ellie.jpg
Day5 Fabric.jpg

We are getting closer to finding everything we need. Things are falling into place and we are moving ahead.

Tomorrow I’ll present at The School of Social Work. Our PowerPoint presentation is complete and Ruchika found a projector for us. We had fun setting it up with the men at the place we were borrowing it from. Again, lots of pointing and laughing as we figured out the adapters and connectors needed to make it work. It does!

Off for a shower and bed.