India Day 4: Christmas shopping..or something like that!

We had a pretty quiet morning today. Because of the big holiday we couldn’t go to the sewing room or visit any schools. We stayed put and worked on a power point presentation that I’m giving on Sunday. It’s been a bit difficult thinking about how to put together a presentation on the MoonCatcher Project in a different country. Some of the things that interest Americans just don’t apply elsewhere. I’m working hard to make it an informative and culturally relevant experience for our audience.

My sister Gussie gave me a brand-new state of the art I-pad and though I thought I knew everything about how to use it.  Apparently, I don’t. It’s taking me a while to get up to speed and there are some things that continue to totally bewilder me. I can sense many of you nodding your heads knowing how I can be technologically challenged at times!  Oh well I’ll just muddle along as our Mom would have said.

So, muddle I did and with the help of Maureen I managed to put together a pretty good version of what I’m hoping to cover on Sunday. We got some plans ready for tomorrow and caught up with ourselves a little bit.

 Later in the day we took an Uber to the crafts market to buy some goodies to sell at MoonBees. The market has brightly colored fabrics draped overhead and stall after stall of magical Indian gifts. Everything seems shiny and sparkling. We bought earrings and necklaces and incredibly soft pashmina shawls and scarves. We especially loved the undyed wools in natural grays, browns, and creams but selected some brightly colored silks as well to round out our selections. It felt like Christmas.

We made our way home with only a small glitch. The Uber driver turned down a narrow little alley – avoiding cows and people as best he could – and at the end he stopped the car and made it known that he expected us to get out. It was very dark and a bit scary there. We were sure that this was not where we needed to debark and told him that NO we were sure he made a mistake. With gestures and lots of pointing to google maps while shaking our heads, we convinced him to turn around and try again. Actually, we were very near to our house but having no idea how this city works we didn’t understand that. Thank goodness we are together. Together we somehow manage to make ourselves understood and often end up laughing and thinking that this too will make a good story.

Day4 ellie&maureen and scarves.jpg
The entrance to the craft bazaar.

The entrance to the craft bazaar.

Day4 earrings.jpg