Africa Trip 2018

I leave for Uganda and Kenya next week. This trip feels different from the others but that’s probably because I’ll be there longer and have a lot more to accomplish.

I’m excited that my daughter Pisie and her partner Tony will be with me for the start of the trip. They will do some filming to help our MoonCatcher family better understand what The MoonCatcher Project is doing. We’ll visit sewing guilds, schools, the soap cooperative and fabric and supply stores. We’ll talk to as many girls as we can to see how our kit is working for them.

Maureen, my dear friend and  companion on all of these trips, will join me when Pisie and Tony return to Brooklyn. She and I will spend some time in a the resettlement community that we went to last year. We’ll visit more of our sewing cooperatives and take a side trip to Kenya to meet Jackie who has recently started a sewing guild there. We’ll go back to our beloved Kagoma Gate village, outside of Jinja, Uganda too. We’ll show the kids a movie, do an art project and Maureen will work in the  feeding center handing out plates of lunch to the students.

I have been packing for days trying to remember all the things that will be useful for our cooperatives. We’ll bring thousands of calendars used by the girls to plot their periods, health curriculum posters, hundreds of yards of waterproof fabric and lots of Tyvek. We’ll be carrying an overlock machine for Kenya and a voltage regulator too. And of course we’ll bring Phoebe a jug of New York State maple syrup.  


Doing some packing!   

Doing some packing!


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