Sunday, February 25, 2018

We’re here!

At the very start of the trip, In the Albany airport, right opposite the ticket counter for United, JetBlue has a big banner that Says “Go With the Flo”. If that’s not a good sign for a trip about menstrual issues I don’t know what is. I laughed and took a picture. The adventure could truly begin!


Pisie [my daughter] and Tony [her sweetheart] met me in Brussels where we boarded the plane for Entebbe. It was a relief to be together after various airport adventures that made us wonder if we’d get to Uganda on the same day.

This is a really special treat for me this year because I get to do some of this trip with Pisie. She and Tony are working on a film for The MoonCatcher Project and if today is an indication of how things will go it should be an amazing week.

We spent the afternoon with the Woman with a Purpose [WWP] sewing guild. This is the first guild that we started two years ago and the one where we learned a lot about how to make this model work. A few familiar faces were there so it was a reunion. The women worked the sewing machines while Pisie and Tony filmed and asked questions. All of us are impressed with how articulate these women are and how well they could explain just how the MoonCatcher kit works.