We make reusable menstrual pads for girls


What we do...

Since 2011 The MoonCatcher Project has been making reusable, washable menstrual management kits - "MoonCatcher Kits" -  for distribution to girls around the world.

Our activities and efforts range from sewing bees - "MoonBees" -  in the US to on-the-ground education and MoonCatcher production and/or distribution in Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Liberia, India, Pakistan, Honduras, and Haiti. Here is a brief snapshot of the work we do:

MoonBees: Hosted in cities across the country, our sewing bees bring together diverse groups of volunteers who make MoonCatcher Kits for distribution either locally or to girls around the globe. Sign up for MoonCatcher Updates to find out about our next MoonBee, or reach out to our founder Ellie to inquire about hosting a MoonBee or donating supplies (including Tyvek envelopes, thread, or fabric).

Menstrual Management and Reproductive Health Classes: With our partners in Africa, India we offer classes on menstruation management and reproductive health to  school girls entering puberty.

On-the-Ground Sewing Cooperatives: In close partnership with other non-profit and faith organizations, we are empowering communities to build local sewing and soap-making cooperatives and make MoonCatcher Kits for their own communities using donated supplies and materials.

If you work for an organization and would like to discuss opportunities for collaboration please send us a note - we’d love to hear from you.