Reflections on George H.W. Bush


In July 2017, I was surprised to receive a phone call from the Points of Light Foundation announcing that I had been nominated as a Point of Light.  After going through a very rigorous application project, I was awarded this honor.

Then, I had only a vague idea of what this meant, but I did recall that Girls Inc. here in Schenectady had earned that distinction.

This helped me understand the concept that George H.W. Bush had developed when he was president, to honor organizations and people who volunteer to do good in the world. I was amazed that I would be among them.

 I must acknowledge that I didn’t vote for George H.W. Bush. However, he has earned my sincere admiration since leaving the White House.

I respected how he and Bill Clinton often worked together to help victims of natural disasters here and abroad. Having run 16 volunteer rebuilding trips to New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina, I realized that President Bush was another partner in helping others. I particularly respected how these two past presidents were cooperating in a generous, bipartisan spirit to do good, together.

I woke up this morning recognizing I wanted to say something about this remarkable man. He supported citizenship in an idealistic but practical way. He supported the Peace Corps and foreign aid in ways to foster the aspirations of so many around the world.

In these helpful actions, and in establishing the Thousand Points of Light, I appreciate that he was a decent and kind man, a gentleman.  Rest in Peace President Bush.