Day 7: Time to Visit Schoolgirls!

We went to two schools today and taught our menstrual management and reproductive health curriculum. Both groups were great. In the morning we spoke to the younger students (eleven, twelve and thirteen years old).  They were so adorable, shy, and embarrassed talking about periods. By the end they were a bit more comfortable, but this isn’t a topic that is easily spoken of here. 

Day7 Girls listening.jpg
Day7 girls with kits.jpg

In the afternoon it was an easier conversation. These were older students in secondary school who knew the basics and were willing to ask questions. It was fun to hear what they had to say and to get a sense of what concerned them. These kids come to this school later in the day to get some extra help. They are from fairly poor families and in many cases help support their families with whatever work they can find.

Day7 students.jpg
Day7 student.jpg

We were amazed at the art and poetry these children created and touched that they wanted to share it with us.

We went to meet up with Ruchika’s Dad tonight and had wonderful conversation about  how to make this project work. He is a dear and so thoughtful.