Day 13: Laura is in India

We didn’t have to be anywhere this morning until 11:00 so I stayed in bed, wrote and then read my book for a while. That felt really nice. Once up, Maureen and I inventoried the extra fabrics we had bought for future kits, finished writing up the yardage and started to pack our bags to be sure we have enough room for all the sale items and our own personal stuff. It all looks doable. We’ll use the extra space that we found for shoelaces. Here they cost half the price of the ones at home so it seems like a good idea to carry some back with us. We use these shoelaces as our belt to hold up the MoonCatcher carrier. What a great find.

Our driver Mani Ram came to take us to Laura’s hotel down near the train station, about a forty minute drive away. Laura Kikuchi is on The MoonCatcher board and is traveling in India for two weeks with her Mom. They’ve worked out a wonderful itinerary for themselves and will have a really great adventure. That forty minute drive turned into about an hour because of an incredible traffic jam just around the corner from the hotel. It was mesmerizing watching  all these vehicles figure out how to untangle from this. We were in touch with Laura so able to just “go with the flow” and not worry that she’d be concerned.

We had a delicious lunch together and then took a little stroll down the street dodging the traffic and enjoying the energy. Our traveling friends were tired and a little dazed but we had fun and were so happy to connect in this far off land. Here’s hoping you have a fabulous trip dear Laura. 

Ellie and Laura

Ellie and Laura

We went to meet with a local Rotary Club tonight. We were invited to do a short presentation about The MoonCatcher Project in hopes that they would like to partner with our home Rotary Club for a global grant to help move this project forward in India. They were very receptive and agreed that there is a great need for this work. We will now let the two clubs talk to each other. This could be really exciting!

Day13 Rotary.jpg