Books for Malawi

This April, I joined my friends Kelly and Ellie on a mission trip to Malawi, Africa, in order to help Ellie with The MoonCatcher Project. This organization makes reusable, washable menstrual pads that are given for free to girls living in poverty throughout the world. We had come to Malawi to work with sewing guilds and go to schools. I didn’t know what I would be doing, as I don’t sew, but was willing to do whatever Ellie needed. Turns out, Kelly and I were used for ripping apart pads that had been sewn incorrectly.

We were also good at carrying supplies, reminding Ellie where she had left things, making each other laugh, and learning how to “go with the flow.” 

All the girls were so excited to receive their Mooncatcher kits! Now they can stay in school and learn and not be embarrassed! Their smiles were infectious and made the trip well worthwhile.
However, I had also donated a suitcase of books to the orphanage in the town where we were staying, and the smiles and excitement of those children made that 15-minute visit the best time of our 2-week stay. An avid book reader and librarian, I’m always thrilled to introduce or encourage reading.  

Unfortunately at one of the schools we visited, the English teacher heard about my donation to the orphanage and asked if I had books for his school. I felt terrible that I didn’t, but promised to send him books if I could figure out a way (I have plenty of books, but not plenty of money for shipping.) 

I am happy to say that to date, and thanks to many friends, I have received enough donations through GoFundMe (Books for Malawi) to send 3 boxes of books to the school and have enough money to send at least two more. With further donations I can send more. Please help!