March 3, 2018 Day 7 Uganda

Today was Tony and Pisie’s last day to get some video that they were really looking for. We went to Phoebe’s house and they got footage of a girl [Desire] that we’ve been following for the last year. They also got some of Phoebe and some of the tailors. We spent the whole day there. I worked with Phoebe organizing for the next week and working out some figures about supplies that are needed. Meanwhile Pisie and Tony filmed various things, I read my book and felt a little like I was on vacation.

At one point during my outside reading time I stood up and noticed two little boys coming down the pathway past Phoebe’s house taking turns pushing each other in a wheel barrow. When they passed the house I asked if I could take pictures of them. They were thrilled to see themselves on my phone and giggled with delight.

Blog Day 7wheelbarrow boys.jpg

We came back to our hotel for the last night together, had a nice dinner and discussed the week. I will miss this part of my journey. Pisie and Tony are thoughtful, introspective people who make me think about how to do my best for this project. I have learned a lot and am so thankful that they have been here with me.