Friday, March 2, 2018 Day 6

Today we went to Kimenyedde to visit our sewing guild there and then on to two schools in the district. This is the village that my friend Fred grew up in, and has given back to, by bringing The MoonCatcher Project to the schools there.

We first visited the sewing guild. We call it Alice’s Guild though offically it’s the Kimenyedde Guild. Alice is Fred’s sister and makes sure that the guild runs smoothly. She and Phoebe communicate and decide how many pads will be made and where they are going. It was such a delight for me to see that one year from when I first met Alice this project has taken hold. 500 kits have been made and distributed and 300 more are in the process of being produced.

Blog Day6 Alice with kits and fleece.jpg

We went to Fred’s primary school to distribute kits to every girl in the school who had started to menstruate. It was fun for us to be at that school and see all the restoration that Fred has done there and to meet people who speak of him so fondly. It truly is a wonderful learning environment.

Blog Day6 Alice handing out kits.jpg

Later in the day we went to one more school in the area and gave our menstrual management and reproductive health class to 87 girls who we then provided with kits. These girls struggle with English, so they struggled to understand me. It’s hard enough to understand my accent much less understand a language that’s difficult for them. Several teachers were helping us so hopefully they will continue the education piece of this since they really seemed to understand what we were teaching.

Blog Day6 Kimenyedde school.jpg

We got back to our hotel early enough to enjoy a nice dinner, glasses of red wine and long conversation. Pisie and Tony came to my room to get their first hot showers in Uganda. I didn’t know they were taking cold showers while my bathroom was spoiling me. It was fun to listen to each of them ooh and ahh as they stood under the hot water. We later watched the days footage on Tony’s computer and I was blown away by the absolutely lovely film they took. I feel so lucky to have them doing this. They are truly capturing the story of The MoonCatcher Project.

Blog Day6 two beautiful girls.jpg