Day 15 March 11, 2018 Kenya

We left Uganda this morning for our trip to Kenya. The drive was really beautiful with lots of changing landscape and plenty of people and small towns along the way. It took a while to get over the border because of the supplies we brought to Jackie. We got taxed for all of it and charged for Kenyan insurance too. Oh well!

Jackie is the “Phoebe” of Kenya. She is a bold, enthusiastic and charming woman with lots of energy. She supports three children, all boys, and has taken in a neighborhood girl who has lost both of her parents. I find her delightful. We went to see the sewing cooperative that she has started. It’s in a row of other little shops and as we visited with Jackie people stopped by to say hello and express welcome to us. It’s a busy friendly place.

Day 15 Jackie sewing.jpg
Day 15 Jackie edited - 1.jpg

After seeing the sewing shop we were invited to Jackie’s home. I’m always interested in how other people live so was excited to accept this invitation. Jackie and her boys little in a sweet little house nestled in amongst others in a small village. We sat in her living room as rain came thundering down so loud on the tin roof that we really couldn’t talk for most of the time. That was ok though because Jackie handed us her wedding album to go through and her little boys pointed at pictures of themselves and their mother. Pretty cute.

Day 15 boys edited - 1.jpg

When the rain let up we headed back to Kisumu, got stuck in the mud twice, pushed the car out and got back to our hotel for dinner and an early night. No water in the shower but a bit in the sink so that will have to do. Kenya is more developed in many ways. It has beautiful mountains and rolling terrain. We could see lake Victoria from the road now and then. The vegetation feels different from Uganda in some ways and the houses look more modern.