Day 13 March 9, 2018 Uganda

We woke up in Pallisa today. I sat outside in the front garden drinking my tea waiting for Phoebe and Yasin to join me for breakfast. It was so peaceful watching the birds and listening to the sounds of Uganda.

We visited three schools today. We taught our curriculum and handed out pads to over 300 girls. Each class was so different. In one the girls competed for a chance to answer questions and ask about personal concerns while in the next we could get anyone to make a peep. Phoebe did her magic and worked the crowd getting at least some nods and smiles. She was our model for the day since she had pants on and the rest of us didn’t. She stood on a chair to be visible to the whole crowded room and that at least always brings lots of laughter and commotion.

Day 13 happy girls with kits.jpg

Jane treated us to a yummy late lunch back at Woman of Purpose headquarters followed by a short ceremony to present Kevan, the top student in the tailoring program, with a brand new sewing machine. This girl was so happy and gracious.

Day 13 Kevan.jpg

At 5:00, after hugs and handshakes all around, we left for Jinja and pulled into our hotel parking lot well after dark, we were tired, sticky and happy for another successful day.