March 7, 2018 Day 11 Uganda

It was a slow start this morning. We sat outside and had breakfast on one of the new tables set out on the patio. We eventually left to meet up with the women from The Begembe Women’s Resource Center. This is the site of another of our sewing guilds and it is financed by African Orphans Educational Trust (AOET).  AOET partners with The MoonCatcher Project to sew kits and deliver them to the schools that AOET supports. It’s a wonderful connection filled with people that have become special friends. (See photo at the end of this post.)

We spent a fair amount of time in the room that houses the cooperative and worked with the sewers [tailors, they say here] fine tuning their work. They asked for a group photo, which I was happy to take and will print and frame for them to hang in that room.

Day 11 Phoebe teaching sewing.jpg

Next we headed for downtown Jinja. We started at The Giving Circle Africa (TGCA) office where we found Emma who kindly walked us to “Peter’s Place”. This is a nice crafts store that is generous to TGCA so we try to support it when we are in town. Phoebe and I choose baskets, necklaces, earrings and other pretty things to bring back for sale at our MoonBees and fundraising events. Emma kindly waited for us to complete our purchases and then carried them back to the office for us to gather up later. Phoebe and I went on to visit other shops and added to what we found at Peter’s Place. Oops! I forgot to take pictures though we did talk about it. We were just too busy trying to stay focused and get the job done.

Here’s a cool one of Phoebe’s beautiful hands.

Day 11 Phoebe's hands.jpg

The day ended with a terrific thunderstorm with lighting and the most ear splitting noise I’ve ever heard. It was great. Off to Pallisa tomorrow.

Friends from AOET with Phoebe.

Friends from AOET with Phoebe.