Preparing For My First Trip to India

Only three days to go! I leave for India on Sunday and am finishing up last minute details like calling my children and making sure my little gifts of maple syrup are in Ziploc bags. All the MoonCatcher supplies are packed and my bags are weighed to be sure they aren’t more than 50 pounds. I even ironed a few dresses so that maybe I won’t look like I slept in my clothes.

This is exciting. I’ve always wanted to go to India. I had a pen pal from Bombay (now Mumbai), named after the same Aunt that I was named after, and we corresponded for years. I no longer know where she is but am still fascinated by her country and am delighted to be bringing The MoonCatcher Project there. I am curious to meet girls from India and see what we can do to help employ some women and teach about menstruation.

So, I’ll take pictures and plenty of notes and give you a day by day report of what we are up to. We are hoping to speak at the school of social work, meet Phoebe’s friend who lives in Delhi and is interested in the project, go to three schools, teach how to make our kit and source materials.

Maureen, my favorite traveling companion, will be with me and together we’ll hit the ground running in order to accomplish all the many tasks that we’ve been talking about for the last seven months. Luckily, we will have our new friend Ruchika (from Delhi but lives here in the US) with us to guide us through this process.  Ruchika is in India now making sure everything is underway so that we can make the best use of our time. I can’t imagine what we would do without her.

Keep us in your thoughts. We can use all that good energy while we do this work.

MoonCatcher Kits all packed for India.

MoonCatcher Kits all packed for India.